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falta / lack
falta   -noun feminine
1. (=carencia)
1.1. [de recursos, informaciónoun, control, acuerdo]   lack
·los candidatos demostraron en el examen su absoluta falta de preparaciónoun
·in the exam the candidates revealed their total lack of preparation
·es evidente su falta de voluntad negociadora
·it is clear that they have no wish to negotiate
b. falta de [respeto] =   disrespect,   lack of respect
·la falta de respeto por las ideas de los demonstrativeánoun
·disrespect o lack of respect for other people'noun ideas
·¡qué falta de respeto!
·how rude!
1.2. [a] falta [de] =   in the absence of,   for want of
·a falta de informaciónoun fiable, nos limitamos a repetir los rumores
·in the absence of reliable information, we can merely repeat the rumours,   we can merely repeat the rumours, for want of reliable information
·a falta de champánoun para celebrarlo, beberemos cerveza
·as we don't have any champagne to celebrate with, we'll drink beer
b. a falta de un término/sistema [mejor] =   for want of a better term/system
c. a falta de tres minutos [para] el final =   three minutes from the end
·a falta de 40kms para la meta el ciclista se retiró
·the cyclist withdrew 40kms from the finish
·a falta de pan, buenas son tortas
·half a loaf is better than none
1.3. [por] falta [de] =   for lack of
·se absolvió al acusado por falta de pruebas
·the defendant was acquitted for lack of evidence
·el rosal se murió por falta de luz
·the rose died due to lack of light
1.4. [echar] algo/a somebody, someone en falta =   to miss something/somebody
·echo en falta a mis amigos
·I miss my friends
·durante el festival se echaron en falta a las grandes estrellas
·the big names were missing from the festival
2. [hacer] falta
·me hace mucha falta un coche
I really o badly * need a car
·a este plato le hace falta sal
·this dish needs more salt
·lo que hace falta aquí es masculineánoun disciplina
·what'noun needed here is stricter discipline
·aquí no haces falta
·you're not needed here
·no nos hace falta nada
·we've got everything we need,   we don't need anything else
·es el hombre que hacía falta
·he is the right man for the job
·¡falta hacía!
·and about time too!
·si hace falta, voy
·if necessary, I'll go,   if need be, I'll go
b. hacer falta [hacer] algo
·para ser enfermero hace falta tener vocaciónoun
·you have to be dedicated to be a nurse
·no hace falta ser un experto para llegar a esa conclusiónoun
·you don't need to be an expert to reach that conclusion
·ahora lo que te hace falta es recuperar las fuerzas
·what you need now is to regain your strength
·¡hace falta ser tonto para no darse cuenta!
·you have to be pretty stupid not to realize!
c. hacer falta [que]   + SUBJUN
·hace falta que el agua esté hirviendo
·the water must be o needs to be boiling
·si hace falta que os echemos una mano, llamadnos
·if you need us to give you a hand, give us a call
·no hace falta que se lo digas
·there'noun no need for you to tell him
d. ni falta que hace   iró
·--¿te han invitado al concierto? --no, ni falta que me hace
"haven't they invited you to the concert?" -- "no, and I couldn't care less" *
3. (school)
(=ausencia)   absence
a. [poner] falta a somebody, someone =   to mark somebody absent,   put somebody down as absent
·falta de asistencia   absence
·tiene cinco faltas de asistencia
·he has been absent five times
4. (=infracciónoun)
4.1. (law, legal)   offence,   offense United States
a. falta [grave] =   serious offence,   serious offense United States,   serious misconduct
b. falta [leve] =   minor offence,   minor offense United States,   misdemeanour,   misdemeanor United States
4.2. (football, Balonmano)   foul   (Tenis)   fault
·ha sido falta
·it was a foul o fault
·va a sacar la falta
(football)   he'noun going to take the free kick   (Balonmano)   he'noun going to take the free throw
a. [cometer] una falta contra somebody, someone =   to foul somebody
b. [lanzamiento] de falta   (football)   free kick
·falta personal   personal foul
5. (=fallo)
a. [de persona]   shortcoming,   fault
b. [de masculineáquina, producto]   flaw,   fault
c. [sacar] faltas a somebody, someone =   to point out somebody'noun shortcomings,   find fault with somebody
·siempre le está sacando faltas a todo lo que hago
·she'noun always picking holes in everything I do
d. [sin] falta =   without fail
·mañana sin falta recibirá nuestro informe
·you will get our report tomorrow without fail
·falta de ortografía   spelling mistake
6. (por estar embarazada)   missed period
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