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fail / suspender
fail   [feɪl]
A. -intransitive verb
1. (=not succeed)
[candidate in examination]   suspender
[plan]   fracasar,   no dar resultado
[show, play]   fracasar
[business]   quebrar
[remedy]   fallar,   no surtir efecto
[hopes]   frustrarse,   malograrse
·to fail by five votes
·perder por cinco votos
·to fail in one'noun duty
·faltar a su deber,   no cumplir con su obligaciónoun
2. [light]   irse,   apagarse
[crops]   perderse
[health, sight, voice]   debilitarse
[strength]   acabarse
[engine, brakes, mechanism]   fallar,   averiarse
[water supply]   acabarse
[power supply]   cortarse,   fallar
·the light was failing
·iba anocheciendo
B. -transitive verb
1. [+exam, subject]   suspender
[+candidate]   suspender (a)
·a failed painter
·un pintor fracasado
2. (=let down)
[+person]   fallar (a)
[memory, strength]   fallar
·don't fail me!
·¡no me falles!,   ¡no faltes!
·his strength failed him
·le fallaron las fuerzas
·his heart failed him
·se encontró sin ánimo
·his courage failed him
·le faltó valor
·words fail me!
·¡no encuentro palabras!
3. (=not succeed)
·to fail to be elected
·no lograr ser elegido
·to fail to win a prize
·no obtener un premio
4. (=omit, neglect)
·to fail to do something
·no hacer algo,   dejar de hacer algo
·don't fail to visit her
·no deje de visitarla
5. (=be unable)
·I fail to see why/what etcetera
·no veo or alcanzo a ver por qué/qué etcetera
C. -noun
1. ·without fail
·sin falta
2. (university)   suspenso (m)   (in   en)
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