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extract / extracto
extract   [ˈekstrækt]
A. -noun   (from book, film)   extracto (m),   fragmento (m)   (pharmacy)   extracto (m)   (culinary, cooking )
a. [of beef, yeast]   extracto (m),   concentrado (m)
·extracts from "Don Quijote"
(as book)   selecciones feminine plural del "Quijote"
B. [ɪksˈtrækt]   -transitive verb
1. (=take out)
[+cork, tooth]   sacar
[+bullet]   (from wound)   extraer
[+mineral]   extraer,   obtener
[+juice]   exprimir
2. (=obtain)
[+information, money]   obtener,   sacar
[+confession]   sacar,   arrancar
3. (=select)   (from book etcetera)   seleccionar
4. (mathematics)   extraer
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