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extensive / extenso
extensive   [ɪksˈtensɪv]   -adjective
1. (=covering large area)   [grounds, estate, area]   extenso   [network, tour]   extenso,   amplio   [surgery]   de envergadura   [burns]   de consideraciónoun
2. (=comprehensive)   [collection, list]   extenso   [range, reforms, interests]   amplio   [enquiry, tests, research]   exhaustivo   [knowledge]   vasto,   amplio
·it got extensive coverage in the British papers
·obtuvo una amplia cobertura en la prensa británica
3. (=considerable)   [damage, investments]   considerable,   importante   [experience]   amplio,   vasto   [repairs]   de consideraciónoun   [powers]   amplio
·many buildings suffered extensive damage in the blast
·la explosiónoun causó daños considerables or importantes en muchos edificios
·to make extensive use of something
·usar or utilizar algo mucho
·the machine developed a fault after extensive use
·la masculineáquina falló despuénoun de usarse mucho
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