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experience / experiencia
experience   [ɪksˈpɪərɪəns]
A. -noun
1. (=knowledge)   experiencia (f)
·to learn by experience
·aprender por la experiencia
·I know from bitter/personal experience
·lo nouné por mi amarga experiencia/por experiencia propia
·he has no experience of grief/being out of work
·no conoce la tristeza/el desempleo
2. (=skill, practice)   práctica (f),   experiencia (f)
·he has plenty of experience
·tiene mucha práctica
·have you any previous experience?
·¿tiene usted experiencia previa?
·practical experience
experiencia (f) práctica
·teaching experience
experiencia (f) docente
·a driver with ten years' experience
·un conductor con diez años de experiencia
3. (=event)   experiencia (f),   aventura (f)
·to have a pleasant/frightening experience
·tener una experiencia agradable/aterradora
·it was quite an experience
·fue toda una experiencia
B. -transitive verb
[+emotion, sensation]   experimentar
[+defeat, loss, hardship]   sufrir
[+difficulty]   tener,   tropezar con
·he experiences some difficulty/pain in walking
·tiene dificultades/dolor al andar
·he experienced a loss of hearing after the accident
·despuénoun del accidente, sufrió una pérdida del oído
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