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expect / esperar
expect   [ɪksˈpekt]
A. -transitive verb
1. (=anticipate, hope for, wait for)   esperar
·I did not know what to expect
·yo no sabía qué esperar
·it'noun not what I expected
·no es lo que yo esperaba
·you know what to expect
·ya sabes a qué atenerte
·we'll expect you for supper
·te esperamos a cenar
·is he expecting you?
·¿tiene usted cita con él?
·it'noun easier than I expected
·es masculineánoun feminineácil de lo que esperaba
·to expect to do something
·esperar hacer algo
·they expect to arrive tomorrow
·esperan llegar mañana
·I expect him to arrive soon
·creo que llegará pronto
·it is expected that ...   se espera que + subjunctive,   se prevé que
·we expect great things of him
·tenemos depositadas grandes esperanzas en él
·I expected as much
·just what I expected
·ya me lo imaginaba or figuraba
·that was (only) to be expected
·eso era de esperar
·as was to be expected
·as might have been expected
·as one might expect
·como era de esperar
·when least expected
·el día menos pensado
·expect me when you see me
*   no cuentes conmigo
2. (=suppose)   imaginarse,   suponer
·I expect so
·supongo que nouní,   a lo mejor
·yes, I expect it is
·así tenía que ser
·I expect it was John
·me imagino que fue John
·I expect she'noun there by now
·me imagino que ya habrá llegado
·I expect he'll be late
·seguro que llega tarde
3. (=require)
·to expect something (of/from somebody)
·esperar algo (de somebody, someone)
·I think you're expecting too much of me
·creo que esperas demasiado de masculineí
·to expect somebody to do something
·esperar que somebody, someone haga algo
·I expect you to be punctual
·cuento con que seránoun puntual
·how can you expect me to sympathize?
·¿y me pides compasiónoun?
·you can't expect too much from him
·no debes esperar demasiado de él
·she can't be expected to know that
·no se puede esperar or pretender que sepa eso
·what do you expect me to do about it?
·¿qué pretendes que haga yo?
·it is hardly to be expected that ...
apenas cabe esperar que + subjunctive
B. -intransitive verb
·she'noun expecting
·está encinta,   está en estado
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