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excuse / excusa
A. [ɪksˈkju:s]   -noun
(=justification)   excusa (f),   disculpa (f)
(=pretext)   pretexto (m)
·there'noun no excuse for this
·esto no admite disculpa
·it'noun only an excuse
·es un pretexto nada masculineánoun
·on the excuse that ...
·con el pretexto de que ...
·to make excuses for somebody
·presentar disculpas por somebody, someone
·he'noun only making excuses
·está buscando pretextos
·he made his excuses and left
·presentó sus excusas y se marchó
·he gives poverty as his excuse
·alega su pobreza
·what'noun your excuse this time?
·¿qué excusa or disculpa me das esta vez?
B. [ɪksˈkju:z]
-transitive verb
1. (=forgive)   disculpar,   perdonar
·to excuse somebody something
·perdonar algo a somebody, someone
·excuse me!
(asking a favour)   por favor,   perdónoun   (interrupting somebody)   perdóneme   (when passing)   perdónoun,   con permiso
(=sorry)   ¡perdónoun!   (on leaving table)   ¡con permiso!
·excuse me?
(United States)   ¿perdone?,   ¿mande? Mexico
·now, if you will excuse me ...
·con permiso ...
·if you will excuse me I must go
·con permiso de ustedes tengo que marcharme
·may I be excused for a moment?
·¿puedo salir un momento?
2. (=justify)   justificar
·that does not excuse his conduct
·eso no justifica su conducta
·to excuse o.noun. (for something/for doing something)
·pedir disculpas (por algo/por haber hecho algo)
3. (=exempt)
·to excuse somebody (from something/from doing something)
·dispensar or eximir a somebody, someone (de algo/de hacer algo)
·to excuse o.noun. (from something/from doing something)
·dispensarse (de algo/de hacer algo)
·after ten minutes he excused himself
·despuénoun de diez minutos pidió permiso y se fue
·to ask to be excused
·pedir permiso
·I must ask to be excused this time
·esta vez les ruego que me dispensen or disculpen
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