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excitar / to get worked up
A. -transitive verb
1. (=intranquilizar)   to get worked up,   get excited
·no veas el partido porque te excita mucho
·don't watch the game, it'll get you worked up o excited
·el café me excita
coffee makes me hyper *
2. (=entusiasmar)   to make excited
·la buena noticia lo excitó tanto que ya no pudo dormir
·the good news made him so excited he couldn't get to sleep
3. (=provocar)
[+curiosidad]   to arouse,   excite
[+sentimiento]   to arouse,   provoke
[+apetito]   to stimulate
4. (sexualmente)   to arouse,   excite
5. (biology, electricity, Fínoun)   to excite
(=incitar)   to rouse,   incite
·excitar al pueblo a la rebeliónoun
·to rouse the populace to rebellion
-pronominal verb
1. (=intranquilizarse)   to get worked up
·no te excites por esa tontería
·don't get worked up about such nonsense
2. (=entusiasmarse)   to get excited
·se excitó mucho cuando su equipo marcó el gol
·she got very excited when her team scored
3. (sexualmente)   to get aroused,   get excited
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