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examen / examination
examen   -noun masculine
1. (school)   examination,   exam
·hacer un examen
·to sit o take an examination o exam
·presentarse a un examen
·to enter for an examination o exam,   go in for an examination o exam
·examen de admisiónoun   entrance examination o exam
·examen de conciencia
·hacer examen de conciencia
·to examine one'noun conscience
·examen de conducir   driving test
·examen de ingreso   entrance examination
·examen de suficiencia   proficiency test
·examen eliminatorio   qualifying examination
·examen oral   oral examination
·examen parcial   (university)   examination covering part of the course material in a particular subject
·examen tipo test   multiple-choice test
2. (=estudio)
a. [de problema]   consideration
b. [de zona]   search
·tras el examen de la situaciónoun
·after studying the situation
·someter algo a examen
·to subject something to examination o scrutiny
3. (medicine)   examination
·examen ocular   eye test
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