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establish / establecer
establish   [ɪsˈtæblɪʃ]   -transitive verb
1. (=set up)
[+business, state, committee]   establecer,   fundar
[+custom, rule, peace, order]   establecer
[+precedent]   establecer,   sentar
[+relations]   establecer,   entablar
[+power, authority]   afirmar
[+reputation]   ganarse
·to establish somebody in a business
·poner un negocio a somebody, someone
·the book established him as a writer
·el libro lo consagró como escritor
·to establish o.noun.
·establecerse,   consolidarse
2. (=prove)
[+fact, rights]   comprobar,   demostrar
[+identity]   verificar
[+somebody'noun innocence]   probar,   demostrar
·we have established that ...
·hemos comprobado que ...
3. (=find out, discover)   averiguar
[+date]   determinar
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