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entender / to understand
entender   1  
A. -transitive verb
1. (=comprender)   to understand
·no he entendido la pregunta
·I didn't understand the question
·ahora lo entiendo todo
·now I understand everything
·entiendo un poco de francénoun
·I (can) understand a little French
·la verdad es que no entiendo el chiste
·I don't really get o understand the joke
·lo has entendido todo al revénoun
·you've got it all wrong
·no entiendo tu letra
·I can't read your writing
·no entiendo cómo has podido hacer eso
·I don't understand o know how you could do that
·¡a ti no hay quien te entienda!
·you're impossible to understand!
·que no te vuelva a ver fumando ¿me has entendido?
·don't let me catch you smoking again, do you understand?
·¿entiendes lo que te quiero decir?
·do you know what I mean?,   do you know what I'masculine trying to say?
·es un poco rarito, ya me entiendes
·he'noun a bit odd, if you know what I mean
a. [dar] algo a entender =   to imply something
·dio a entender que no le gustaba
·he implied that he didn't like it
·nos dieron a entender que querían marcharse
·they gave us to understand o led us to believe that they wanted to leave
·segúnoun él me dio a entender, no está contento en su trabajo
·from what he said to me, he is not happy in his job,   he gave me to understand that he is not happy in his job
b. [hacer] entender algo a somebody, someone =   to make somebody understand something
c. [hacerse] entender =   to make o.noun. understood
d. entender [mal] =   to misunderstand
·si no he entendido mal, esto es lo que queréis decir
·unless I've misunderstood what you're saying, this is what you mean
·no quiero que me entiendas mal
·don't get me wrong
e. no entendió ni una [palabra] =   he didn't understand a word of it
·no entendí una palabra de lo que dijo
·I didn't understand a word he said
·no entiendo ni una palabra de ordenadores
·I don't understand a thing about computers
f. no entender ni jota o ni patata   *
·no entendí ni jota o ni una patata de lo que decían
·I didn't have a clue what they were on about
·no entiendo ni jota de alemánoun
*   I don't understand a single word of German
2. (=opinar)   to think,   believe
·entiendo que sería mejor decírselo
·I think o believe it would be better to tell him
·yo entiendo que no es correcto hacerlo así
·I don't think o believe that that'noun the right way to do it
3. (=interpretar)   to understand
·¿tú qué entiendes por libertad?
·what do you understand by freedom?
·¿debo entender que lo niegas?
·am I to understand that you deny it?
·me ha parecido entender que estaban en contra
·I understood that they were against it,   as I understand it they were against it
·cada uno entiende el amor a su manera
·everyone sees love differently,   everyone understands something different by love
4. *
(=saber manejar)   to know how to use,   know how to work
·¿tú entiendes esta lavadora?
·do you know how this washing machine works?,   do you know how to use this washing machine?
5. (=oír)   to hear
·no se entiende nada
·I can't make out o hear a thing
B. -intransitive verb
1. (=comprender)   to understand
·¡ya entiendo!
·now I understand!,   now I get it!
·la vida es así ¿entiendes?
·that'noun life, you know
a. entender [de] algo =   to know about something
·no entiendo de vinos
·I don't know much about wine
·Luis nouní que entiende de mujeres
·Luis certainly knows a thing or two about women
b. no entender de barcos
·si le preguntas cualquier cosa, él no entiende de barcos
·if you ask him something, he makes out he doesn't know anything about anything
2. (law, legal)
(=tener competencia)
·entiende en divorcios
·he hears divorce cases
·entender en un asunto
·to be in charge of an affair
3. [perro, gato]
·entiende por Moncho
·he answers to the name of Moncho
4. **
(=ser homosexual)   to be one of them *
C.   -pronominal verb
1. (uso reflexivo)   to understand o.noun.
·si no te entiendes ni tú, ¿quiénoun te va a entender?
·if you don't even understand yourself, then how is anyone else going to understand you?
·déjame, que yo me entiendo
·leave me alone, I know what I mean
a. entendérselas
·que ella se las entienda como pueda
·well that'noun her problem
·allá te las entiendas con tus asuntos
·you go and sort out your own affairs
b. entendérselas con somebody, someone
·van a tener que entendérselas conmigo
·they're going to have to deal with me
2. (uso recíproco)
·nosotras nos entendemos
·we understand each other
·nos entendimos por señas
·we communicated using sign language,   we used sign language to communicate
·a ver si nos entendemos ¿quiénoun de los dos tiene el dinero?
·now let'noun get this straight, which of the two has got the money?
·ya nos entenderemos en el precio
·we'll work out a price that we're both happy with
·digamos, para entendernos, que ...
·let'noun say, to avoid any misunderstanding, that ...
a. entenderse [con] somebody, someone
(=llevarse bien)   to get on o along with somebody
(=tener una relaciónoun amorosa)   to have an affair with somebody
·eso no se entiende conmigo
·that doesn't concern me,   that has nothing to do with me
·entenderse [con] algo
·to know how to deal with something
3. (uso impersonal)
·se entiende que ...
·it is understood that ...
·se entiende que no quiera salir con ellos
·it'noun understandable that she doesn't want to go out with them
·¿qué se entiende por estas palabras?
·what is meant by these words?
·¿cómo se entiende que no nos llamaras antes?
·why didn't you call us first?
4. (=tratar)
·en caso de duda entiéndase con el cajero
·in case of doubt please contact the cashier
entender / opinion
-noun masculine
(=opiniónoun)   opinion
·a mi entender
·in my opinion
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