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engagement / compromiso
engagement   [ɪnˈgeɪdȝmənt]
A. -noun
1. (to marry)   compromiso (m)
(=period of engagement)   noviazgo (m)
·they announced their engagement yesterday
·anunciaron su compromiso ayer
·the engagement lasted ten months
·el noviazgo duró diez meses
·the engagement is announced of Miss A to Mr B
·la Srta. A y el Sr. B han anunciado su compromiso (matrimonial)
2. (=appointment)   compromiso (m),   cita (f)
·I have a previous engagement
·ya tengo un compromiso
3. (=undertaking)   compromiso (m)
·to enter into an engagement to do something
·comprometerse a hacer algo
4. (military)
(=battle)   batalla (f),   combate (m)
5. (=contract)   contrato (m)
·a long engagement at a theatre
·un contrato largo con un teatro
B. -compound
·engagement book   -noun   dietario (m)   (at work)   agenda (f) de trabajo
·engagement diary   -noun   engagement book
·engagement party   -noun   fiesta (f) de compromiso
·engagement ring   -noun   anillo (m) de compromiso or de pedida
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