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emphatic / categórico
emphatic   [ɪmˈfætɪk]   -adjective
1. (=forceful)   [statement, declaration, response]   categórico,   contundente   [denial, refusal]   categórico,   rotundo   [tone, gesture]   enérgico,   enfático   [condemnation]   categórico,   enérgico
·Wendy was emphatic, "you must do it," she said
·Wendy fue categórica, -debes hacerlo, dijo
·she'noun emphatic that business is improving
·mantiene firmemente que el negocio está mejorando
·they were quite emphatic that they were not going
·dijeron categóricamente que no iban
·Pat was emphatic [about] how valuable the course was
·Pat hizo hincapié en lo valioso que era el curso
·they were emphatic [in] denying their involvement
·negaron categóricamente su participaciónoun
·an emphatic [no]
·un no rotundo
·an emphatic [yes]
·un nouní contundente
2. (=decisive)   [victory, win]   rotundo   [success]   arrollador   [defeat]   aplastante   [winner, result]   contundente
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