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elementary / elemental
elementary   [ˌelɪˈmentərɪ]
A. -adjective
1. (=basic)   [idea, precautions, rules]   elemental,   básico
·elementary politeness requires that ...
·la cortesía masculineánoun elemental requiere que ...
·elementary, my dear Watson!
·¡elemental, querido Watson!
2. (=introductory)   [maths, level, exercises]   elemental,   básico
·elementary reading and writing [skills]
habilidades feminine plural de lectura y escritura básicas
B. -compound
·elementary education   -noun
(United States)   enseñanza (f) primaria
·elementary particle   -noun   partícula (f) elemental
·elementary school   -noun
(United States)   escuela (f) de enseñanza primaria
·elementary student   -noun
(United States)   alumno (m) / alumna (f)
·elementary teacher   -noun
(United States)   maestro (m) / maestra (f)
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