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dust / polvo
dust   [dʌst]
A. -noun
1. (in house, on ground)   polvo (m)
·there was thick dust
·the dust lay thick
·había una gruesa capa de polvo
·to raise a cloud of dust
·levantar una nube de polvo
·to raise a lot of dust
(literally)   levantar mucho polvo   (figurative)
(=cause a scandal)   levantar una polvareda
a. to kick up or raise a dust   *   armar un escándalo
b. if you ask for a volunteer, you won't see her for dust!   *   ¡en cuanto pides un voluntario pone los pies en polvorosa!
c. when the dust has settled   cuando haya pasado la tempestad
d. to throw dust in somebody'noun eyes   engañar a somebody, someone
2. *
(=act of dusting)
·to give something [a] dust
·quitar el polvo a algo
·she gave the ornaments a quick dust
·le quitó un poco el polvo a los adornos
B. -transitive verb
1. [+furniture]   quitar el polvo a or de
[+room]   limpiar el polvo a or de
a. it'noun done and dusted
(British, Great Britain)   todo ha terminado
·the deal is done and dusted
·el trato está cerrado
2. (with flour, icing sugar)   espolvorear
·to dust o.noun. with talc
·ponerse talco
C. -intransitive verb
(=clean up)   limpiar el polvo
D. -compound
·dust bowl   -noun   (geography)   terreno erosionado por el viento
·dust cloth   -noun
(United States)   trapo (m) del polvo
·dust cover   -noun
a. [of book]   sobrecubierta (f)   (for furniture)   guardapolvo (m)
·dust devil   -noun   remolino (m) de polvo
·dust jacket   -noun   sobrecubierta (f)
·dust sheet   -noun
(British, Great Britain)   guardapolvo (m),   funda (f)
·dust storm   -noun   vendaval (m) de polvo,   tormenta (f) de polvo
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