¿Sabías que...?: “Besarse" significa darse besos y "besuquearse” puede significar besarse mucho.
drain / desagüe
drain   [dreɪn]
A. -noun
1. (=outlet)   (in house)   desagüe (m)   (in street)   boca (f) de alcantarilla,   sumidero (m)   (agriculture)   zanja (f) de drenaje
·the drains
(=sewage system)   el alcantarillado masculine singular
a. to throw one'noun money down the drain   *   tirar el dinero (por la ventana)
b. to go down the drain   *   perderse,   echarse a perder
2. (figurative)
(=source of loss)
·to be a drain on
[+energies, resources]   consumir,   agotar
·they are a great drain on our reserves
·ellos se llevan gran parte de nuestras reservas
·it has been a great drain on her
·la ha agotado
B. -transitive verb
1. (agriculture)
[+land, marshes, lake]   drenar,   desecar
[+vegetables, last drops]   escurrir
[+glass, radiator etcetera]   vaciar   (medicine)
[+wound etcetera]   drenar
2. (figurative)   agotar,   consumir
·to feel drained (of energy)
·sentirse agotado or sin fuerzas
·the country is being drained of wealth
·al paínoun lo estánoun empobreciendo
C. -intransitive verb
[washed dishes, vegetables]   escurrir
[liquid]   desaguar
[stream]   desembocar   (into   en)
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