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doubt / duda
doubt   [daʊt]
A. -noun
(=uncertainty, qualm)   duda (f)
a. there is some doubt [about] it =   sobre esto existen dudas
b. [beyond] doubt =   fuera de duda
·beyond all reasonable doubt
·masculineánoun allá de toda duda
c. to [cast] doubt on =   poner en duda
d. to [clear up] somebody'noun doubts =   sacar a somebody, someone de dudas
e. to [have] one'noun doubts about something =   tener sus dudas acerca de algo
f. to be [in] doubt
[person]   tener dudas,   dudar
[somebody'noun honesty etcetera]   ser dudoso
·she was in doubt whether to ...
·dudaba si ...
·the matter is still in some doubt
·el caso sigue siendo dudoso
·if or when in doubt
·en caso de duda
g. [no] doubt! =   ¡sin duda!
·no doubt he will come
·seguro que viene
·there is no doubt of that
·de eso no cabe duda
·there is no doubt that
·es indudable que,   no cabe duda de que
·I have no doubt that it is true
·no me cabe duda de que es verdad
·let there be no doubt about it
·que nadie dude de esto
·the marks left no doubt about how he died
·las señales no dejaban lugar a dudas sobre cómo murió
h. to [throw] doubt on =   poner en duda
i. [without] (a) doubt =   sin duda (alguna)
B. -transitive verb
1. [+truth of statement etcetera]   dudar
·I doubt it very much
·lo dudo mucho
·I never doubted you
·nunca tuve dudas acerca de ti
·to doubt somebody'noun loyalty
·dudar de la lealtad de somebody, someone
2. (=be uncertain)
·to doubt whether or if
·dudar si
·I don't doubt that he will come
·no dudo que vaya a venir
C. -intransitive verb   dudar
·doubting Thomas
(figurative)   incrédulo (m) / incrédula (f),   escéptico (m) / escéptica (f)
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