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distinguish / distinguir
distinguish   [dɪsˈtɪŋgwɪʃ]
A. -transitive verb
1. (=differentiate)   distinguir
·they are so alike, it'noun hard to distinguish them
·son tan parecidos que es difícil distinguirlos
·he is unable to distinguish brown from green or brown and green
·no es capaz de distinguir el marrónoun del verde or el marrónoun y el verde
2. (=make different)   distinguir   (from   de)
·it is his professionalism that distinguishes him from his rivals
·su profesionalismo es lo que le distingue de sus rivales
·to distinguish o.noun.
·he distinguished himself during his career in the army
·se destacó durante su carrera en el ejército
·you've really distinguished yourself!
ironic   ¡te has lucido! ironic
3. (=characterize)   caracterizar
·her work is distinguished by its excellent presentation
·su trabajo se caracteriza por una excelente presentaciónoun
4. (=discern)
[+landmark]   distinguir,   vislumbrar
[+voice]   distinguir
[+change]   distinguir,   reconocer
B. -intransitive verb   distinguir   (between   entre)
·I can't distinguish between the two of them
·no puedo distinguir entre los dos
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