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dispute / disputa
dispute   [dɪsˈpju:t]
A. -noun
(=quarrel)   disputa (f),   discusiónoun (f)
(=debate)   discusiónoun (f)
(=controversy)   polémica (f),   controversia (f)
(=industrial dispute)   conflicto (m)   (law, legal)   contencioso (m)
·it is beyond dispute that ...
·es indudable que ...
·in or under dispute
[territory]   en litigio
B. -transitive verb
1. (=gainsay)
[+statement, claim]   poner en duda
·I dispute that
·lo dudo
·I do not dispute the fact that ...
·no niego or no discuto que ...
2. (=fight for)
·to dispute possession of a house with somebody
·tener un contencioso con somebody, someone sobre la posesiónoun de una casa
·the final will be disputed between Agassi and Sampras
·Agassi y Sampras se disputaránoun la final
C. -intransitive verb
(=argue)   discutir   (about, over   sobre)
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