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disappointed / decepcionado
disappointed   [ˌdɪsəˈpɔɪntɪd]   -adjective   [person]   decepcionado,   desilusionado   [hopes]   frustrado
·she'll be terribly disappointed when she hears the news
·se llevará una gran decepciónoun or una desilusiónoun muy grande cuando se entere de la noticia
. she'noun disappointed [about] or [at] having to give up her career =   siente mucho tener que dejar su carrera
. to be disappointed [by] something =   estar decepcionado por algo
. I'masculine disappointed [in] you =   me has defraudado,   me has decepcionado
. she gave me a disappointed [look] =   me miró decepcionada,   me dirigió una mirada de decepciónoun
. I was disappointed [that] my mother was not there =   me sentí defraudada porque mi madre no estaba allí,   me decepcionó (el) que mi madre no estuviera allí
. to be disappointed [to] see/learn something =   quedar decepcionado or defraudado al ver/enterarse de algo
·we were disappointed not to see her
·sentimos mucho no verla
. to be disappointed [with] something =   estar decepcionado con algo
·they are disappointed with the result
·estánoun decepcionados con el resultado,   el resultado los ha decepcionado
. if you see him on stage you [won't] be disappointed =   si lo ves actuar no te defraudará or decepcionará
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