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descansar / to rest
A. -intransitive verb
1. (=reposar)   to rest,   have a rest
·siéntate aquí y descansa
·sit down here and have a rest,   sit down here and rest
·paramos en un bar a o para descansar
·we stopped at a bar for a rest o to have a rest
·necesito descansar para despejarme
·I need (to have) a rest to clear my head
·no descansé en todo el día
·I didn't have a moment'noun rest all day
·nadé diez largos sin descansar
·I swam ten lengths without a rest o break
·no descansará hasta conseguir que dimita el presidente
·he will not rest until he gets the president to resign
·va al campo a descansar de las preocupaciones
·she goes to the country to get away from o get a break from her worries
2. (=dormir)
·a medianoche, se retiraron a descansar
·at midnight they retired (to bed)
·¡hasta mañana! ¡que descanses!
·see you in the morning! sleep well!
3. ·descansar [sobre] algo
[cúpula, tejado]   to be supported by something,   rest on something
[argumento, tesis]   to be based on something
4. (=estar enterrado)
·aquí descansan los restos mortales de José Fernández
·here lie the mortal remains of José Fernández
·tu tío, que en paz descanse
·your uncle, may he rest in peace
·descanse en paz
·rest in peace
5. (military)
·at ease!,   stand at ease!
6. (agriculture)
[terreno, parcela]   to rest,   lie fallow
B. -transitive verb
1. (=apoyar)   to rest
·dejé de leer para descansar la vista
·I stopped reading to rest my eyes
2. (military)
·¡descansen armas!
·order arms!
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