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dance / baile
dance   [dɑ:ns]
A. -noun
1. (=act)   baile (m)
(=article of dancing)   danza (f),   baile (m)
·dance of death
danza (f) de la muerte
a. to lead somebody a (merry) dance
(British, Great Britain)   traer loco a somebody, someone
2. (=event)   baile (m)
B. -transitive verb   bailar
a. to dance attendance on somebody   desvivirse por somebody, someone
C. -intransitive verb   bailar   (artistically)   bailar,   danzar   (figurative)
(=skip)   saltar,   brincar
·shall we dance?
·¿quieres bailar?
·to dance about
(with pain, joy etcetera)   saltar
·to dance for joy
·saltar or brincar de alegría
a. to dance to somebody'noun tune   bailar al son que somebody, someone toca
D. -compound
·dance band   -noun   orquesta (f) de baile
·dance class   -noun   clase (f) de baile
·dance floor   -noun   pista (f) de baile
·dance hall   -noun   salónoun (m) de baile,   sala (f) de fiestas
·dance music   -noun   masculineúsica (f) de baile
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