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damage / daño
damage   [ˈdæmɪdȝ]
A. -noun
1. (generally)   daño (m)   (visible, for example on car)   desperfectos masculine plural   (to building, area)   daños plural
·to do or cause damage to
[+building]   causar daños a
[+machine]   causar desperfectos en
·the bomb did a lot of damage
·la bomba causó muchos daños
·not much damage was caused to the car
·el coche no sufrió grandes desperfectos
2. (figurative)
(to chances, reputation etcetera)   perjuicio (m),   daño (m)
·to do or cause damage to something/somebody
·causar perjuicio a algo/somebody, someone,   perjudicar algo/a somebody, someone
·the damage is done
·el daño ya está hecho
a. what'noun the damage?   *
(=cost)   ¿cuánto va a ser?,   ¿qué se debe?
3. damages   (law, legal)   daños masculine plural y perjuicios
B. -transitive verb
(=harm)   dañar
[+machine]   averiar,   causar desperfectos en
[+health, chances, reputation]   perjudicar
·to be damaged in a collision
·sufrir daños en un choque
C. -compound
·damage limitation exercise   -noun   campaña (f) para minimizar los daños
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