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cut off / cortar
cut off   cut   -transitive verb + adverb
1. (with scissors, knife)   cortar
(=amputate)   amputar,   quitar
·they cut off his head
·le cortaron la cabeza
a. to cut off one'noun nose to spite one'noun face   *   tirar piedras contra su propio tejado
2. (=disconnect)
[+telephone, gas]   cortar,   desconectar
·we've been cut off
(telecommunications)   nos han cortado la comunicaciónoun
3. (=interrupt)
·to cut somebody off in the middle of a sentence
·cortar or interrumpir a somebody, someone en mitad de una frase,   no dejar terminar a somebody, someone
·to cut off somebody'noun supplies
·cortar or interrumpir el suministro a somebody, someone
4. (=isolate)   aislar
·I feel very cut off, living out here in the country
·me siento muy aislado, viviendo aquí en el campo
·cut off by floods
·aislado por las inundaciones
·we were cut off by the snow
·quedamos bloqueados por la nieve
·the village was cut off for several days by the snow
·la aldea quedó aislada or incomunicada por la nieve durante varios días
·to cut o.noun. off from something/somebody
·aislarse de algo/somebody, someone
·to cut off the enemy'noun retreat
·cortar la retirada al enemigo
a. to cut somebody off without a penny   desheredar completamente a somebody, someone
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