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curtain / cortina
curtain   [ˈkɜ:tn]
A. -noun
1. (generally)   (military)   cortina (f)
(=lace, small etcetera)   visillo (m)   (theatre)   telónoun (m)
·to draw the curtains
(together)   correr las cortinas   (apart)   abrir las cortinas
·a curtain of fire
(military)   una cortina de fuego
·when the final curtain came down
·cuando el telónoun bajó por última vez
·it'll be curtains for you!
*   será el acabóse para ti
a. to raise the curtain on something   dar el pistoletazo de salida a algo
b. to bring the curtain down on something   poner punto final a algo
2. (figurative)
a. [of secrecy]   halo (m)
b. [of mist]   manto (m)
B. -transitive verb   proveer de cortinas
C. -compound
·curtain call   -noun   (theatre)   llamada (f) a escena
·curtain hook   -noun   colgadero (m) de cortina
·curtain pole   -noun   curtain rod
·curtain rail   -noun   riel (m) (de las cortinas)
·curtain ring   -noun   anilla (f) (de las cortinas)
·curtain rod   -noun   barra (f) (de las cortinas)
·curtain wall   -noun
a. [of house, building]   muro masculine plural de cerramiento
b. [of castle]
(=low wall outside)   contramuralla (f),   falsabraga (f)   (between bastions or towers)   lienzo (m),   muralla (f)
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