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currency / moneda
currency   [ˈkʌrənsɪ]
A. -noun
1. (=monetary system, money)   moneda (f)
·foreign currency   moneda (f) extranjera,   divisas feminine plural
2. (figurative)   aceptaciónoun (f)
·his theory had wide currency in America
·su teoría tuvo amplia aceptaciónoun en América
·these things are the currency of everyday life
·estas cosas son el pan nuestro de cada día
·to gain currency
[views, ideas]   darse a conocer,   difundirse
·it was his writing that gave the term currency
·el término se dio a conocer gracias a sus escritos
B. -compound
·currency market   -noun   mercado (m) monetario,   mercado (m) de divisas
·currency note   -noun   pagaré (m) fiscal,   pagaré (m) de tesorería
·currency restrictions   -noun plural   restricciones feminine plural monetarias
·currency snake   -noun   serpiente (f) monetaria
·currency unit   -noun   unidad (f) monetaria
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