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cure / remedio
cure   [kjʊər]
A. -noun
(=remedy)   remedio (m)
(=course of treatment)   cura (f)
(=process of recovery)   curaciónoun (f)
·there is no known cure
·no existe curaciónoun
·to be beyond cure
[person]   padecer una enfermedad incurable
[situation, injustice]   ser irremediable
·to take a cure
(for illness)   tomar un remedio
B. -transitive verb
1. (medicine)
[+disease, patient]   curar   (figurative)
[+poverty, injustice, evil]   remediar
·to cure somebody of a habit
·quitar a somebody, someone un vicio
·what can't be cured must be endured
·hay cosas que no queda masculineánoun remedio que aguantar
2. (=preserve)   (in salt)   salar   (by smoking)   curar   (by drying)   secar
[+animal hide]   curtir
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