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cup / taza
cup   [kʌp]
A. -noun   (for tea, etcetera)   taza (f)
(=amount)   also cupful   taza (f)   (Sport etcetera)
(=prize)   copa (f)   (religion)
(=chalice)   cáliz (m)
a. [of brassiere]   copa (f)
·a cup of tea
·una taza de ,   un
·coffee cup   tacita (f),   pocillo (m) Latin America
·how'noun your cup?
·¿quieres masculineánoun té/café etcetera?
·his cup of sorrow was full
·le agobiaba el dolor
b. to be in one'noun cups   estar borracho
c. to be somebody'noun cup of tea   *
·it'noun not everyone'noun cup of tea
*   no es del gusto de todos
·he'noun not my cup of tea
*   no es de mi agrado,   no es santo de mi devociónoun
·football isn't my cup of tea
*   a masculineí el feminineútbol no me va
B. -transitive verb
·to cup one'noun hands
(for shouting)   formar bocina con las manos   (for drinking)   ahuecar las manos
·to cup one'noun hands round something
·rodear algo con las manos
C. -compound
·cup final   -noun   (football)   final (m) de copa
·cup tie   -noun   (football)   partido (m) de copa
-noun abbreviation
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