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cruise / crucero
cruise   [kru:z]
A. -noun   crucero (m)
·to go on a cruise
·hacer un crucero
B. -intransitive verb
1. [ship, fleet]   navegar
[holidaymaker]   hacer un crucero
[plane]   volar
·the car was cruising (along) at 80km/h
·el coche marchaba pluralácidamente a una velocidad de 80km/h
·we are cruising at an altitude of 33,000 ft
·estamos volando a una altura (de crucero) de 33.000 pies
·cruising speed
velocidad (f) de crucero
·cruising altitude
altura or altitud
2. (figurative)
·to cruise to victory
·vencer feminineácilmente
3. *
(=pick up men/women)   ir de ligue *,   ir a ligar *
C. -transitive verb
[+waters, seas]   surcar
[+streets]   circular por
·there were plenty of taxis cruising the streets
·había muchos taxis circulando por la calle
D. -compound
·cruise control   -noun   control (m) de crucero
·cruise missile   -noun   misil (m) de crucero
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