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criminal / criminal
criminal   [ˈkrɪmɪnl]
A. -noun   criminal masculine and feminine
B. -adjective
1. (law, legal)   [act, activity, behaviour]   delictivo   [investigation, organization]   criminal   [trial, case]   penal
·he had done nothing criminal
·no había cometido ningúnoun delito
·to bring criminal charges against somebody
·formular or presentar cargos en contra de somebody, someone,   entablar un proceso penal contra somebody, someone
2. (=shameful)
·it would be criminal to throw them away
·sería un crimen tirarlos
·it was a criminal waste of resources
·era un crimen desperdiciar recursos así
C. -compound
·criminal assault   -noun   intento (m) de violaciónoun
·criminal code   -noun   código (m) penal
·criminal court   -noun   juzgado (m) de lo penal
·criminal damage   -noun   delito (m) de daños
·criminal intent   -noun   intenciónoun (f) dolosa
·Criminal Investigation Department   -noun
(British, Great Britain)   Brigada (f) de Investigaciónoun Criminal Spain
·the criminal justice system   -noun   el sistema penal
·criminal law   -noun   derecho (m) penal
·criminal lawyer   -noun   penalista masculine and feminine,   abogado (m) / abogada (f)
·criminal negligence   -noun   negligencia (f) criminal
·criminal record   -noun   antecedentes masculine plural penales
·to have a criminal record
·tener antecedentes penales
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