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creer / I believe she's from Madrid
A. -intransitive verb
1. (=pensar)
·es de Madrid, segúnoun creo
·I believe she'noun from Madrid
·no creo
·I don't think so
·es difícil, no creas
·it'noun hard enough, I can tell you
2. creer [en] =   to believe in
·creen en Dios
·they believe in God
·creo en la igualdad
·I believe in equality
·¿crees en los fantasmas?
·do you believe in ghosts?
B. -transitive verb
1. (=considerar cierto)   to believe
·nadie me cree
·nobody believes me
·believe me,   take my word for it
·no creo lo que dijo
·I don't believe what she said
a. ¡[ya] lo creo!
·--¿quieres un café? --¡ya lo creo!
"do you want some coffee?" -- "you bet!" *
·¡ya lo creo que está roto!
·you bet it'noun broken!,   it certainly is broken!
·¿que yo voy a ir andando hasta el faro? ¡ya lo creo!
iró   you think I'masculine going to walk all the way to the lighthouse? you must be joking! *
·¿que no sabías lo del examen? ¡nouní, nouní, ya lo creo!
iró   you didn't know about the exam? oh, sure you didn't! *
2. (=pensar)   to think
·creen haber descubierto el motivo
·they think (that) they've discovered the reason
a. creer [que] =   to think (that)
·no creo que pueda ir
·I don't think I'll be able to go
·creo que es sincera
·I think she'noun sincere,   I believe her to be sincere
·creo que [nouní]
·I think so
·creo que no
·I don't think so
·no puedo creer que esto esté pasando
·I can't believe this is happening
·no se vaya usted a creer que ...
·don't go thinking that ...,   I wouldn't want you to think that ...
3. (=considerar)   to think
·no lo creía capaz de hacerlo
·I didn't think him capable of doing it
·lo creo mi deber
·I think o consider it (to be) my duty
-pronominal verb
1. (=considerar cierto)   to believe
·no me lo creo
·I don't believe it
·eso no se lo creerá nadie
·no one will believe that
·se cree todo lo que le dicen
·he believes everything he'noun told
·hace falta que yo me lo crea
·I remain to be convinced
·¡que te crees eso!
*   you must be joking! *
·¡no te lo crees ni tú!
*   come off it! *
2. (=pensar)   to think
·¿de dónde te crees que sacan el dinero?
·where do you think they get the money?
·¿pero qué te crees, que soy millonario?
·what do you think I am, a millionaire or something?
3. (=considerarse)   to think
·se cree muy listo
·he thinks he'noun pretty clever
·¿quiénoun te crees que eres?
·who do you think you are?
·se cree alguien
·he thinks he'noun somebody
·¿qué se ha creído?
·who does he think he is?
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