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crack / raja
crack   [kræk]
A. -noun
1. (=fracture)   (in plate, glass)   raja (f)   (in wall, ceiling, ice)   grieta (f)   (in skin)   grieta (f)   (figurative)   (in system, relationship)   grieta (f)
a. to paper over the cracks   (figurative)   disimular las grietas
2. (=slight opening)   rendija (f)
·I [opened] the door a crack
·abbreviationí un poquito la puerta
3. (=noise)
a. [of twigs]   crujido (m)
b. [of whip]   chasquido (m)
c. [of rifle]   estampido (m),   estallido (m)
d. [of thunder]   estampido (m),   estruendo (m)
e. to get a fair crack of the whip   tener la oportunidad de demostrar lo que vale
f. to give somebody a fair crack of the whip   dar la oportunidad a somebody, someone de demostrar lo que vale
4. (=blow)   golpe (m)
·he got a nasty crack on the head
·se llevó un buen golpe en la cabeza
5. *
(=attempt)   intento (m)
·to [have] or [take] a crack at something
·intentar algo
·he was anxious to have the first crack at it
·estaba deseoso de ser el primero en intentarlo
6. *
(=joke, insult)   comentario (m) burlónoun
·he [made] a silly crack about our new car
·hizo un chiste tonto sobre nuestro coche nuevo
7. (=drug)   crack (m)
8. ·at the crack of [dawn]
·al romper el alba
·I'masculine not getting up at the crack of dawn! >
*   ¡no me voy a levantar con el canto del gallo! *
9. *
·it'noun good crack
·es muy divertido
B. -adjective
[team, sportsperson, troops]   de primera
·he'noun a crack [shot]
·es un tirador de primera
C. -transitive verb
1. (=break)
[+glass, pottery]   rajar
[+wood, ground, wall]   agrietar,   resquebrajar
[+ice]   resquebrajar
[+skin]   agrietar   (figurative)   *
[+person]   derrotar
·to crack somebody'noun [resolve]
·hacerle perder la determinaciónoun a somebody, someone
2. (=break open)
[+nut]   cascar
[+egg]   cascar,   romper
[+safe]   forzar   (figurative)   *
[+market]   entrar en,   introducirse en
[+drugs/spy ring]   desarticular
·to crack (open) a bottle >
*   abrir una botella
3. (=hit)   golpear
·he fell and cracked his head on the pavement
·se cayó y se golpeó la cabeza con la acera
4. (=cause to sound)
[+whip]   chasquear,   restallar
[+finger joints]   hacer crujir
a. to crack the whip   apretarle a somebody, someone las clavijas
5. *
[+joke]   contar
·to crack [jokes]
·bromear,   contar chistes
6. (=solve)
[+problem, case]   resolver
[+code]   descifrar
·the police think they've cracked it
·la policía cree haberlo resuelto
7. ·to crack a [smile]
D. -intransitive verb
1. (=break)
[glass, pottery]   rajarse
[wall, wood, ground]   agrietarse,   resquebrajarse
[ice]   resquebrajarse
[skin]   agrietarse
2. [voice]   (with emotion)   quebrarse
3. (=yield, break down)
[person]   desmoronarse
·I thought his nerve would crack
·creía que iba a perder el valor
·to crack under the [strain]
[person]   desmoronarse bajo la presiónoun,   sufrir una crisis nerviosa a cause de la presiónoun
[relationship]   desmoronarse
[alliance]   desmoronarse or quebrantarse bajo la presiónoun
4. (=make noise)
[thunder]   retumbar
[whip]   chasquear
[dry wood, joints]   crujir
5. ·to [get] cracking
*   poner manos a la obra
·you'd better get cracking
·masculineánoun te vale poner manos a la obra
·I promised to get cracking on or with the decorating
·le prometí que empezaría a pintar inmediatamente
E. -compound
·crack cocaine   -noun   crack (m)
·crack house   -noun   (Drugs)   lugar donde se vende crack or cocaína dura
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