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country / país
country   [ˈkʌntrɪ]
A. -noun
1. (=nation)   paínoun (m)
(=people)   pueblo (m)
·to go to the country
(British, Great Britain)   (politics)   convocar a elecciones generales
2. (=fatherland)   patria (f)
·to die for one'noun country
·morir por la patria
·love of country
·amor a la patria
3. (no plural)
(=countryside)   campo (m)
·we had to leave the road and go across country
·tuvimos que dejar la carretera e ir a travénoun del campo
·in the country
·en el campo
·to live off the country
·vivir de lo que produce la tierra
4. (no plural)
(=terrain, land)   terreno (m),   tierra (f)
·this is good fishing country
·ésta es buena tierra para la pesca
·unknown country
(also figurative)   terreno desconocido
·mountainous country
regiónoun (f) montañosa
·there is some lovely country further south
·masculineánoun al sur el paisaje es muy bonito
B. -compound
·country and western (music)   -noun   masculineúsica (f) country,   masculineúsica (f) ranchera Mexico
·country bumpkin   -noun   pejorative   patánoun (m),   paleto (m) / paleta (f)
·country club   -noun   club (m) campestre
·country cottage   -noun   casita (f) (en el campo)
·country cousin   -noun   (figurative)   pueblerino (m) / pueblerina (f)
·country dance   -noun   baile (m) regional
·country dancing   -noun   danza (f) folklórica
·country dweller   -noun   persona (f) que vive en el campo
·country folk   -noun plural   gente (f) del campo
·country gentleman   -noun   hacendado (m)
·country house   -noun   casa (f) de campo,   quinta (f)
(=farm)   finca (f) especially Latin America,   rancho (m) Mexico
·country life   -noun   vida (f) campestre or del campo
·country mile   *   -noun
a. to miss something by a country mile
(United States)   quedarse a una legua de algo
·country music   -noun   country and western (music)
·country park   -noun   parque (m)
·country people   -noun plural   country folk
·country road   -noun   camino (m) vecinal
·country seat   -noun   casa (f) solariega,   hacienda (f) Latin America
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