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cost / coste
cost   [kɒst]
A. -noun
1. (=expense)   (often plural)   coste (m),   costo (m) especially Latin America
(=amount paid, price)   precio (m)
a. [at] cost   (commerce)   a (precio de) coste
·[at all] costs
·[at any] cost
·[whatever] the cost
(figurative)   cueste lo que cueste,   a toda costa
·she cared for her elderly mother at great cost to her own freedom
·cuidó de su madre anciana pagando un precio muy alto a costa de su propia libertad
·these are solutions that can be implemented at little cost
·estas son soluciones que pueden ponerse en práctica y que son poco costosas
·at the cost of his life/health
·a costa de su vida/salud
b. to [bear] the cost of   (literally)   pagar or correr con los gastos de   (figurative)   sufrir las consecuencias de
c. to [count] the cost of something/of doing something =   pensar en los riesgos de algo/de hacer algo
·without counting the cost
·sin pensar en los riesgos
d. [to] my cost =   a mis expensas
2. costs
2.1. (law, legal)   costas feminine plural
·he was ordered to pay costs
·se le condenó a pagar las costas
2.2. (=expenses)   gastos masculine plural
B. -transitive verb
1. cost   past tense   past participle   costar,   valer
·it cost £2
·costó 2 libras
·how much does it cost?
·¿cuánto cuesta?,   ¿cuánto vale?,   ¿a cuánto está?
·what will it cost to have it repaired?
·¿cuánto va a costar repararlo?
·it cost him a lot of money
·le costó mucho dinero
·it'll cost you
*   te va a salir caro
·it cost him his life/job
·le costó la vida/el trabajo
·it cost me a great deal of time/effort
·me robó mucho tiempo/me costó mucho esfuerzo
·it costs nothing to be polite
·no cuesta nada ser educado
·whatever it costs
·cost what it may
(also figurative)   cueste lo que cueste
a. to cost the earth
·it costs the earth
*   cuesta un riñónoun,   cuesta un ojo de la cara
2. costed   past tense   past participle   (commerce)
[+articles for sale]   calcular el coste de
[+job]   calcular el presupuesto de
·the job was costed at £5000
·se calculó que el coste del trabajo ascendería a 5.000 libras
·it has not been properly costed
·no se ha calculado detalladamente el coste
C. -compound
·cost accountant   -noun   contable masculine and feminine de costes or especially Latin America costos
·cost accounting   -noun   contabilidad (f) de costes or especially Latin America costos
·cost analysis   -noun   análisis masculine invariable de costes or especially Latin America costos
·cost centre   -noun   centro (m) (de determinaciónoun) de costes or especially Latin America costos
·cost control   -noun   control (m) de costes or especially Latin America costos
·cost of living   -noun   coste or especially Latin America costo
·cost-of-living allowance
subsidio (m) por coste
·cost-of-living bonus   plus (m) de carestía de vida,   prima (f) por coste de la vida
·cost-of-living increase
incremento (m) segúnoun el coste de la vida
·cost-of-living index
índice (m) del coste or Latin America de (la) vida
·cost price   -noun
(British, Great Britain)   precio (m) de coste or Latin America costo
·at cost price
·a precio de coste
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged and Audio Headword Pronunciation (Spanish) 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. 1971,1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992,1993,1996,1997,2000,2003,2005.
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