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compliment / cumplido
A. [ˈkɒmplɪmənt]   -noun
1. (=respect)   cumplido (m)
(=flirtation)   piropo (m)
(=flattery)   halago (m)
·what a nice compliment!
·¡qué detalle!
a. that was [meant] as a compliment =   lo dije con buena intenciónoun
b. to [pay] somebody a compliment   (respectful)   hacer cumplidos a somebody, someone   (amorous)   echar piropos a somebody, someone
(=flatter)   halagar a somebody, someone
c. to [return] the compliment =   devolver el cumplido
d. I [take] it as a compliment that ... =   me halaga (el) que ...
2. compliments
(=greetings)   saludos masculine plural
a. my compliments to the [chef] =   mi enhorabuena al cocinero
b. the compliments of the [season] =   felicidades feminine plural
c. to [send] one'noun compliments to somebody =   enviar saludos a somebody, someone
d. "[with] compliments" =   "con un atento saludo"
·with the compliments of the management
·obsequio de la casa
·with the compliments of Mr Pearce
·con un atento saludo del Sr. Pearce,   de parte del Sr. Pearce
·with the author'noun compliments
homenaje or obsequio
B. [ˈkɒmplɪment]
-transitive verb
·to compliment somebody on something/on doing something
·felicitar a somebody, someone por algo/por conseguir algo
·they complimented me on my Spanish
·me felicitaron por mi español
C. [ˈkɒmplɪmənt]
·compliment(noun) slip   -noun   nota (f) de saludo,   saluda (m) administration
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