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complaint / queja
complaint   [kəmˈpleɪnt]
A. -noun
1. (=statement of dissatisfaction)   queja (f)   (to manager of shop etcetera)   reclamaciónoun (f)   (to police)   denuncia (f)
·I had no complaints about the service
·no tenía ninguna queja del servicio
·to have cause for complaint
·tener motivo de queja
·to make or lodge a complaint
·reclamar,   formular una queja
2. (=cause of dissatisfaction)   motivo (m) de queja
3. (medicine)
(=illness)   mal (m),   dolencia (f)
B. -compound
·complaints book   -noun   libro (m) de reclamaciones
·complaints department   -noun   secciónoun (f) de reclamaciones
·complaints procedure   -noun   procedimiento (m) para presentar reclamaciones
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