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command / orden
command   [kəˈmɑ:nd]
A. -noun
1. (=order)   (especially military)   orden (f)   (computing)   orden (f),   comando (m)
·he gave the command (to attack/retreat)
·dio la orden (de atacar/retirarse)
·his commands were obeyed at once
·sus órdenes se cumplieron de inmediato
a. [at] or [by] the command of somebody =   por orden de somebody, someone
b. by [royal] command =   por real orden
2. (=control)
a. [of army, ship]   mando (m)
b. to be [at] somebody'noun command
[resources, money, troops]   estar a la disposiciónoun de somebody, someone
[men]   estar a las órdenes de somebody, someone,   estar bajo el mando de somebody, someone
·to have at one'noun command
[+resources, money, troops]   disponer de,   tener a su disposiciónoun
[+men]   tener a sus órdenes,   estar al mando de
c. to [have] command of something =   estar al mando de algo
d. to be [in] command (of something) =   estar al mando (de algo)
·who is in command here?
·¿quiénoun manda aquí?
·to be in command of one'noun faculties
·estar en posesiónoun de sus facultades
·to be in command of the situation
·ser dueño de la situaciónoun
e. to [take] command of something =   asumir el mando de algo
f. [under] the command of =   bajo el mando de
3. (=mastery)   dominio (m)
·his command of English
·su dominio del inglénoun
·to have a good command of English
·dominar el inglénoun
·command of the seas
·dominio de los mares
4. (=authority)   (military, nautical)   mando (m),   jefatura (f)
·[second] in command
segundo (m)
(nautical)   segundo (m) de a bordo
B. -transitive verb
1. (=order)
·to command somebody [to] do something
·mandar or ordenar a somebody, someone que haga algo
·to command something to be done
·mandar or ordenar que se haga algo
2. (=be in control of)
[+soldiers, army]   mandar,   estar al mando de
[+ship]   comandar
3. (=have at one'noun disposal)
[+resources, money, services]   disponer de,   contar con
4. (=deserve and get)
[+attention]   ganarse
[+respect]   imponer
[+sympathy]   merecerse,   hacerse acreedor de
[+price]   venderse a,   venderse por
[+fee]   exigir
5. (=overlook)
[+area]   dominar
[+view]   tener,   disfrutar de
C. -compound
·command key   -noun   (computing)   tecla (f) de comando
·command language   -noun   (computing)   lenguaje (m) de comandos
·command line   -noun   (computing)   orden (f),   comando (m)
·command module   -noun   (on a space rocket)   masculineódulo (m) de mando
·command performance   -noun   gala (f) (a peticiónoun) real
·command post   -noun   puesto (m) de mando
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