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comedia / comedy
comedia   -noun feminine
1. (theatre)
(=obra cómica)   comedy
·alta comedia
·high comedy
·La divina comedia
·The Divine Comedy
·comedia de costumbres   comedy of manners
·comedia de enredo   comedy of intrigue
·Comedia del Arte   commedia dell'arte
·comedia musical   musical
·comedia negra   black comedy
2. (theatre)
(=obra dramática)   play
·una comedia en un acto
·a one-act play
·comedia de capa y espada   cloak-and-dagger play
3. (television)
·comedia de situaciónoun   situation comedy,   sitcom *
4. (=fingimiento)   play-acting
·¡déjate ya de tanta comedia!
·stop your play-acting!
·hacer comedia
·to play-act
·¡deja de hacer comedia y di la verdad!
·stop play-acting o pretending and tell the truth!
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