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clutch / embrague
clutch   1   [klʌtʃ]
A. -noun
1. (automobiles)   embrague (m),   cloche (m) Latin America
(=pedal)   (pedal (m) del) embrague (m) or cloche (m)
·to let the clutch in
·to let the clutch out
2. (=grasp)
·to make a clutch at something
·tratar de agarrar algo
·to fall into somebody'noun clutches
·caer en las garras de somebody, someone
·to get something out of somebody'noun clutches
·hacer que somebody, someone ceda la posesiónoun or se desprenda de algo
3. (United States)   *
(=crisis)   crisis feminine invariable
B. -transitive verb
(=catch hold of)   asir,   agarrar especially Latin America
(=hold tightly)   apretar,   agarrar
·she clutched my arm and begged me not to go
·se me agarró al brazo y me suplicó que no me marchara
C. -intransitive verb
·to clutch at
·tratar de agarrar
(figurative)   aferrarse a
·he clutched at my hand
·trató de agarrarme la mano
·to clutch at a hope
·aferrarse a una esperanza
a. to clutch at straws   aferrarse a cualquier esperanza
clutch / nidada
clutch   2   [klʌtʃ]   -noun
. [of eggs]   nidada (f)
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