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clip / tijeretazo
clip   1   [klɪp]
A. -noun
1. (=cut)   tijeretazo (m),   tijeretada (f)
(=shearing)   esquila (f),   esquileo (m)
(=wool)   cantidad (f) de lana esquilada
2. (cinema)   secuencia (f)
·some clips from Kevin Costner'noun latest film
·unas secuencias de la última película de Kevin Costner
3. (=blow)   golpe (m),   cachete (m)
·at a (fast) clip
(United States)   a toda pastilla
B. -transitive verb
1. (=cut)   cortar
(=cut to shorten)   acortar
[+hedge]   podar
[+ticket]   picar   also clip off
[+wool]   trasquilar,   esquilar
[+hair]   recortar   also clip out
[+article from newspaper]   recortar
[+words]   comerse,   abreviar
a. to clip somebody'noun wings   cortar las alas a somebody, someone
2. (=hit)   golpear,   dar un cachete a
C. -compound
·clip joint   *   -noun
(United States)   bar (m) (muy caro)
clip / grapa
clip   2   [klɪp]
A. -noun
(=clamp)   grapa (f)
(=paper clip)   sujetapapeles masculine invariable,   clip (m),   grampa (f) Southern Cone
a. [of pen]   sujetador (m)
(=hair clip)   horquilla (f),   clip (m)
(=brooch)   alfiler (m),   clip (m),   abrochador (m) Latin America
b. [of cyclist]   pinza (f)
B. -transitive verb   sujetar
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