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claro / fair
A. -adjective
1. (=no oscuro)   [piel]   fair   [color]   light,   pale
·un vestido verde claro
·a light o pale green dress
·pelo castaño claro
·light brown hair
·una alemana de ojos claros
·a blue-eyed German girl
2. (=evidente)
2.1. (con sustantivos)   [ejemplo, prueba, ventaja]   clear   [inconveniente]   obvious   [desastre]   total,   absolute
·esto es un claro reflejo de que el sistema no funciona
·this is a clear indication that the system does not work
·España ganó por un claro 15-6
·Spain won a decisive 15-6 victory,   Spain were clear winners by 15-6
·... aseguró, en clara referencia a sus superiores
·... he asserted, clearly referring o in an obvious reference to his superiors
2.2. (con verbos)
a. [dejar] algo claro =   to make something clear
·ha dejado bien claro que no quiere vernos masculineánoun
·he has made it quite clear he does not want to see us again
·dejar las cosas claras o en claro
·to get things clear,   get things straight *
b. [estar] claro =   to be clear
·el futuro del equipo no está muy claro
·the future of the team is not very clear
·¿está claro?
·is that clear?
·estar claro [que]
·to be clear that,   be obvious that
·está claro que así no vamos a ninguna parte
·it'noun clear o obvious that we'll get nowhere like this
·no está nada claro que nuestro partido vaya a ganar las elecciones
·it'noun not at all clear that our party will win the election
c. [quedar] claro =   to be clear
·si te lees la bibliografía, te quedará todo masculineánoun claro
·if you read the books on the reading list, it'll all be clearer to you o you'll have a better idea of things
·así quedaránoun claras nuestras intenciones
·this way our intentions will be (quite) clear
d. [tener] algo claro =   to be sure of something,   be clear about something
·ni siquiera tengo claro lo que me espera mañana
·I'masculine not even sure o clear what'noun in store for me tomorrow
·es importante tener nuestro objetivo bien claro
·it is important to be sure of our objective
·no lo tengo nada claro
·I'masculine not at all sure,   I don't really know
2.3. a las claras
·prefiero decírselo a las claras
·I prefer to tell him straight (out)
·su triunfo deja bien a las claras el buen momento que atraviesa
·his victory is a clear indication o sign that he is on excellent form
b. ser masculineánoun claro que el agua
c. ser claro como la luz del día   to be crystal-clear
d. las cuentas claras
·me gustan las cuentas claras
·I like to have o keep things clear
·el ministro ha presentado las cuentas claras al Parlamento
·the minister has been quite straightforward with Parliament
e. [llevarlo] > o [tenerlo] claro
(Spain)   iró
·lo tienes claro
·things won't be easy for you
f. [sacar] algo en claro (de algo)
·nounólo hemos sacado en claro que no pretende dimitir
·all that we can safely o definitely say is that he has no intention of resigning
·lo único que la policía consiguió sacar en claro durante el interrogatorio
·the only definite thing the police got from the interview
·no he sacado nada en claro de esa conferencia
·I'masculine still none the wiser after that lecture
g. [ver] algo claro
·no ven claro cómo van a poder terminar a tiempo
·they can't really see how they are going to finish on time
·el ministro ve claro que se puede lograr un acuerdo
·the minister is optimistic about reaching an agreement
·lo intransitive verb claro en cuanto la noticia
·it became clear to me when I heard the news
·sus padres no veían muy claro el tema
·his parents weren't too sure about the matter
3. (=poco espeso)   [té, café]   weak   [caldo]   thin
4. (=luminoso)   [día, mañana]   bright   [habitaciónoun, casa]   light,   bright
5. (=transparente)   [agua]   clear   [tejido]   transparent
6. (=nounítido)   [sonido, voz]   clear   [imagen]   sharp,   clear
7. (=escaso)   [pelo]   thin   [bosque]   light,   sparse
8. (=preciso)   [idea]   clear
·tiene las ideas muy claras
·he really knows what he wants from life
·una mente clara
(literally)   a clear mind   (figurative)   a clear thinker
9. (=sincero)   frank
·ser claro
·to be frank
B. -adverb
1. (=con precisiónoun)
[oír, ver, hablar]   clearly
2. (=sinceramente)   frankly
a. [hablar] claro =   to speak frankly,   be frank
b. claro y raspado
(Venezuela)   frankly and to the point
3. (tras invitaciones, peticiones)   sure
·--¿puedo usar tu coche mañana? --¡claro!
·"can I use your car tomorrow?" -- "sure!"
·--¿queréis venir a cenar? --¡claro!
·"would you like to come to dinner?" -- "sure!"
4. (uso enfático)
·¡claro! por eso estaba ayer tan rara
·of course! that'noun why she was acting so funny yesterday
·a menos que, claro está, él tambiénoun la conozca
·unless of course he knows her too
·--¿por qué no te disfrazas tú? --¡claro, para que os riáis de masculineí todos!
·"why don't you dress up?" -- "oh sure, so you can all laugh at me!"
a. claro [que]
·claro que nadie se imaginaba lo que vendría despuénoun
·of course nobody could imagine what would happen afterwards
·¡claro que no!
·of course not!
·claro que no es verdad
·of course it isn't true
·¡claro que nouní!
·yes, of course!
C. -noun masculine
1. (meteorology)   bright spell,   sunny interval
·habrá nubes y claros
·it will be cloudy with bright spells o sunny intervals
·un pequeño claro entre las nubes
·a slight break in the clouds
·claro de luna   moonlight
2. [de tiempo]   lull
·aprovechamos un clarillo para salir a comprar
·we took advantage of a little lull to go and do some shopping
b. velar de claro en claro   to lie awake all night
3. (=espacio despejado)   (entre personas)   space   (entre árboles)   clearing
a. [de pelo]   bald patch
·se pueden ver algunos claros en la sala
·there are a few (empty) spaces in the hall
4. (en un texto)   gap,   space   (en discurso)   pause
5. (architecture)
(=claraboya)   skylight
(=abertura)   window (opening)
6. (Caribe)   (culinary, cooking )   guava jelly
7. (Caribe)
(=bebida)   sugar-cane brandy
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged and Audio Headword Pronunciation (Spanish) 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. 1971,1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992,1993,1996,1997,2000,2003,2005.
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