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central / central
central   [ˈsentrəl]
A. -adjective
1. (=in the middle)   central
·the houses are arranged around a central courtyard
·las casas estánoun distribuidas alrededor de un patio central
2. (=near the centre of town)   [house, office, location]   céntrico
·I'masculine looking for somewhere more central
·busco algo masculineánoun céntrico
·his flat is very central
·su piso está muy céntrico
·it'noun in central Paris
·está en el centro de Paraguayínoun
3. (=principal)   [figure, problem, idea, fact]   central,   fundamental   [role]   fundamental   [aim]   principal
·of central importance
·de la mayor importancia,   primordial
·the issue of Aids is central to the plot of the film
·el tema del SIDA es fundamental en el argumento de la película
·it is central to our policy
·es un punto clave de nuestra política
4. (administration, politics)
[committee, planning, control etcetera]   central
B. -noun
(United States)
(=exchange)   central (f) telefónica
C. -compound
·Central African Republic   -noun   República (f) Centroafricana
·Central America   -noun   Centroamérica (f),   América (f) Central
·Central Asia   -noun   Asia (f) Central
·central bank   -noun   banco (m) central
·central casting   -noun   (cinema)   departamento (m) de reparto or casting
·a Texan farmer straight from or out of central casting
figurative humorous   un granjero tejano de pura cepa or con toda la barba
·Central Daylight Time   -noun
(United States)   horario (m) de verano de la zona central (de Estados Unidos)
·Central Europe   -noun   Europa (f) Central
·central government   -noun   gobierno (m) central
·central heating   -noun   calefacciónoun (f) central
·central locking   -noun   (automobiles)   cierre (m) centralizado
·central nervous system   -noun   sistema (m) nervioso central
·central processing unit   -noun   (computing)   unidad (f) central de proceso
·central reservation   -noun
(British, Great Britain)   (automobiles)   mediana (f)
·Central Standard Time   -noun
(United States)   horario (m) de la zona central (de Estados Unidos)
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