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cause / causa
cause   [kɔ:z]
A. -noun
1. (=origin)   causa (f)
(=reason)   motivo (m),   razónoun (f)
·cause and effect
·(relaciónoun de) causa y efecto
·with good cause
·con razónoun
·to be the cause of
·ser causa de
·there'noun no cause for alarm
·no hay por qué inquietarse
·to give cause for complaint
·dar motivo de queja
·you have cause to be worried
·usted tiene motivo para estar preocupado
·to show cause
formal usage   aducir argumentos convincentes
2. (=purpose)   causa (f)
·in the cause of justice
·por la justicia
·to make common cause with
·hacer causa comúnoun con
·it'noun all in a good cause
·se está haciendo por una buena causa
·to die in a good cause
·morir por una causa noble
·to take up somebody'noun cause
·apoyar la campaña de somebody, someone
3. (law, legal)   causa (f),   pleito (m)
B. -transitive verb   causar,   provocar
[+accident, trouble]   causar
·I don't want to cause you any inconvenience
·no quisiera causarle ninguna molestia
·to cause somebody to do something
·hacer que somebody, someone haga algo
C. -compound
·cause célèbre   [ˌkɔ:zseɪˈlebr]   -noun   pleito or caso
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