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cat / gato
cat   [kæt]
A. -noun
1. (domestic)   gato (m) / gata (f)
(=lion etcetera)   felino (m) / felina (f)
a. to put or set the cat among the pigeons
·that'noun put or set the cat among the pigeons!
·¡eso ha puesto a los perros en danza!,   ¡ya se armó la gorda! *
b. something the cat has brought or dragged in
·he looked like something the cat had brought or dragged in
*   estaba hecho un desastre
c. look what the cat brought or dragged in!   *   ironic   (expressing dislike)   ¡vaya facha or pinta que traes!   (as greeting)   ¡anda, mira quiénoun viene por aquí!
d. to let the cat out of the bag   irse de la lengua
e. the cat'noun out of the bag   se ha descubierto todo el pastel
f. to be like a cat on hot bricks or on a hot tin roof   estar sobre ascuas
g. to look like the cat that ate the canary or > that got the cream
(British, Great Britain)   estar masculineánoun ancho que largo,   no caber en nouní de satisfacciónoun
h. to fight like cat and dog   llevarse como el perro y el gato
i. to play a game of cat and mouse or a cat-and-mouse game with somebody   jugar al gato y ratónoun con somebody, someone
j. not to have a cat in hell'noun chance   *   no tener la masculineánoun masculineínima posibilidad
k. to see which way the cat jumps   esperar a ver de qué lado caen las peras
l. the cat'noun pyjamas or whiskers   *
·he thinks he'noun the cat'noun pyjamas or whiskers
*   se cree la mar de listo *
m. there isn't room to swing a cat   aquí no cabe un alfiler
n. (has the) cat got your tongue?   *   ¿te ha comido la lengua el gato?
·when the cat'noun away, the mice will play
·cuando el gato no está, bailan los ratones
·cats have nine lives
·los gatos tienen siete vidas
2. (United States)   **
(=person)   tío (m) / tía (f),   tipo (m) / tipa (f)
·he'noun a real cool cat
es un tío la mar de chulo *
(=cat-o'-nine-tails)   azote (m)
4. *
(=catalytic converter)   catalizador (m)
B. -compound
·cat basket   -noun   (for carrying)   cesto (m) para llevar al gato   (for sleeping)   cesto (m) del gato
·cat burglar   -noun   (ladrónoun (m) / (ladrónounona (f)) balconero (m) / balconera (f))
·cat'noun cradle   -noun   (juego (m) de la) cuna (f)
·cat flap   -noun   gatera (f)
·cat food   -noun   comida (f) para gatos
·cat litter   -noun   arena (f) higiénica (para gatos)
·cat'noun whisker   -noun   (radio)   cable (m) antena
CAT   [ˈkæt]
A. -noun abbreviation
1. computer-aided teaching
2. computerized axial tomography   TAC masculine or feminine
3. computer-assisted translation   TAO (f)
4. College of Advanced Technology
B. -compound
·CAT scan   -noun   escáner (m) TAC
·to [have] a CAT scan: I'masculine going to have a CAT scan
·me van a hacer un (escáner) TAC
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged and Audio Headword Pronunciation (Spanish) 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. 1971,1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992,1993,1996,1997,2000,2003,2005.
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