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carta / letter
carta   -noun feminine
1. (Correos)   letter
a. [echar] una carta (al correo) =   to post a letter
b. a carta cabal   thoroughly,   in every respect
·era honrado a carta cabal
·he was totally honest
·es un caballero a carta cabal
·a true o real gentleman
c. tomar cartas en el asunto   to step in
·carta abierta   open letter
·carta adjunta   covering letter
·carta certificada   registered letter
·carta de acuse de recibo   letter of acknowledgement
·carta de amor   love letter
·carta de asignaciónoun   letter of allotment
·carta de aviso   letter of advice
·carta de despido   letter of dismissal,   pink slip United States United States
·carta de dimisiónoun   letter of resignation
·carta de pésame   letter of condolence
·carta de presentaciónoun   letter of introduction
·esta exposiciónoun es la mejor carta de presentaciónoun del pintor
·this exhibition is the best introduction to the painter
·carta de recomendaciónoun   (para un trabajo)   letter of recommendation   (como presentaciónoun)   letter of introduction
·carta de solicitud   (letter of) application
·carta pastoral   pastoral letter
·carta postal
(Latin America)   postcard
·carta urgente   special-delivery letter
2. (law, legal, commerce)
·carta blanca   carte blanche
·dar carta blanca a somebody, someone
·to give somebody carte blanche
·tener carta blanca
·to have a free hand,   have carte blanche
·carta de ciudadanía   naturalization papers plural
·carta de crédito   letter of credit
·carta de crédito documentaria
·documentary letter of credit
·carta de crédito irrevocable
·irrevocable letter of credit
·carta de emplazamiento   summons
·carta de hidalguía   letters patent of nobility plural
·carta de intenciones   letter of intent
·carta de naturaleza   naturalization papers plural
a. adquirir o tomar carta de naturaleza   to come to be like one of the natives,   be thoroughly accepted
·carta de pago   receipt,   discharge in full
·carta de pedido   (commerce)   order
·carta de portes   bill of lading
·carta de venta   bill of sale
·carta ejecutoria   letters patent of nobility plural
·carta verde   (automobiles)   green card,   certificate of insurance United States
·cartas credenciales   credentials
3. (=estatuto)   charter
·la Carta de las Naciones Unidas
·the United Nations Charter
·Carta de Derechos   Bill of Rights
·Carta Magna
(=constituciónoun)   constitution
(British, Great Britain)   (history)   Magna Carta
·Carta Social (Europea)   (European) Social Charter
4. (Naipes)   card
·una baraja de cartas españolas
·a pack of Spanish (playing) cards
a. [echar] las cartas a somebody, someone =   to tell somebody'noun fortune with cards
·fui a una pitonisa a que me echara las cartas
·I went to a fortune-teller to have my fortune told with cards
b. [jugar] a las cartas =   to play cards
c. ¡carta canta!   there it is in black and white!
d. enseñar las cartas   to show one'noun hand
e. poner las cartas boca arriba o sobre la mesa   to put o lay one'noun cards on the table
f. no saber a qué carta quedarse   not to know what to think,   be undecided
g. a cartas vistas   openly,   honestly
·carta de figura   picture card
5. (culinary, cooking )   menu
a. [a] la carta =   à la carte
·carta de vinos   wine list
6. (=mapa)   (geography)   map   (Náut)   chart
·carta acotada   contour map
·carta astral   star chart
·carta bomba   letter-bomb
·carta de flujo   flowchart
·carta de marear   chart
·carta de navegaciónoun
·carta de viaje
·carta de vuelo   flight plan
·carta geográfica
·carta marítima   chart
·carta meteorológica   weather chart,   weather map
·carta nounáutica
·carta naval   chart
7. (television)
·carta de ajuste   test card
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