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caro / expensive
A. -adjective
1. (=costoso)   expensive,   dear
·un coche carísimo
·a very expensive car
a. [costar] caro =   to be expensive,   cost a lot
·el abrigo me costó muy caro
·my coat was very expensive,   my coat cost a lot
·le costó caro tal atrevimiento
·his daring cost him dear
b. [pagar] caro algo =   to pay dearly for something
·pagó cara su insolencia
·he paid dearly for his insolence
c. [salir] caro
·un piso amueblado sale masculineánoun caro
·a furnished flat is more expensive
·en total el viaje nos salió muy caro
·altogether the trip was o proved very expensive
2. (=querido)   literary   dear,   beloved
·las cosas que nos son tan caras
·the things which are so dear to us
·¡mi caro amigo!
·my dear o beloved friend!
B. -adverb
·vender caro: esa tienda vende caro
·that shop is expensive
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