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careful / cuidadoso
careful   [ˈkɛəfʊl]   -adjective
1. (=taking care, cautious)
1.1. cuidadoso,   cauteloso
a. he'noun a careful [driver] =   es un conductor prudente,   conduce con prudencia or cuidado
1.2. ·to [be] careful
·tener cuidado
·(be) careful!
·¡(ten) cuidado!
a. she'noun very careful [about] what she eats =   pone mucho cuidado en or es muy prudente con lo que come
b. be careful [of] the dog =   ten cuidado con el perro
c. be careful [that] he doesn't hear you =   procura que no te oiga,   ten cuidado de que no te oiga
d. be careful [to] shut the door =   no te olvides de cerrar la puerta
·he was careful to point out that ...
·se cuidó de señalar que ...
·he was careful not to offend her
·tuvo cuidado de no ofenderle
·be careful not to drop it
·be careful (that) you don't drop it
·procura que no se te caiga,   ten cuidado de que no se te caiga
·we have to be very careful not to be seen
·tenemos que tener mucho cuidado de que no nos vean
e. you can't be [too] careful =   todos las precauciones son pocas
f. be careful [what] you say to him =   (ten) cuidado con lo que le dices
g. to be careful [with] something =   tener cuidado con algo
·be careful with the glasses
·cuidado con los vasos
·he'noun very careful with his money
·es muy ahorrador
pejorative   es muy tacaño
2. (=painstaking)   [work]   cuidadoso,   esmerado   [writer]   cuidadoso,   meticuloso   [planning, examination]   meticuloso,   cuidadoso
a. after careful [consideration] of all the relevant facts =   despuénoun de considerar todos los datos cuidadosamente
b. after weeks of careful [preparation] =   despuénoun de semanas de cuidadosos or intensos preparativos
c. we have made a careful [study] of the report =   hemos estudiado el informe cuidadosamente or detenidamente
d. after giving this problem careful [thought], I believe that ... =   despuénoun de pensar detenidamente sobre este problema, creo que ...
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