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card / tarjeta
card   1   [kɑ:d]
A. -noun
1. (=greetings card, visiting card etcetera)   tarjeta (f)
(=membership card, press card)   carnet (m),   carné (m)
2. (=index card)   ficha (f)
3. (=playing card)   carta (f),   naipe (m)
·a pack of cards
·una baraja
·to play cards
·jugar a las cartas or los naipes
·to lose money at cards
·perder el dinero jugando a las cartas
4. (at dance, race)   programa (m)
5. (=thin cardboard)   cartulina (f)
6.   *
·isn't he a card?
·¡qué gracia tiene el tío!,   ¡qué tipo masculineánoun salado!
7. to ask for one'noun cards
(British, Great Britain)   *   dejar su puesto,   renunciar
b. to get one'noun cards
(British, Great Britain)   *   ser despedido
c. to have a card up one'noun sleeve   guardarse una carta bajo la manga
d. to hold all the cards   tener los triunfos en la mano
e. to lay one'noun cards on the table   poner las cartas sobre la mesa or boca arriba
f. it'noun on or > in the cards
(United States)   es probable
·it'noun quite on or > in the cards that ...
(United States)   es perfectamente posible que ... + subjunctive
g. to play or keep one'noun cards close to one'noun chest or > close to the vest
(United States)   no soltar prenda
h. to play one'noun cards right   jugar bien sus cartas
B. -transitive verb
(United States)   *
·to card somebody
·verificar los papeles de identidad de somebody, someone
C. -compound
·card catalogue   -noun   fichero (m),   catálogo (m) de fichas
·card game   -noun   juego (m) de naipes or cartas
·card index   -noun   fichero (m)
·card reader   -noun   lector (m) de fichas
·card stacker   -noun   depósito (m) de descarga de fichas
·card table   -noun   mesa (f) de juego
·card trick   -noun   truco (m) de cartas
·card vote   -noun   voto (m) por delegaciónoun
card / carda
card   2   [kɑ:d]   (technical)
A. -noun   carda (f)
B. -transitive verb   cardar
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged and Audio Headword Pronunciation (Spanish) 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. 1971,1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992,1993,1996,1997,2000,2003,2005.
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