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capital / capital
capital   [ˈkæpɪtl]
A. -adjective
1. (law, legal)   capital
2. (=chief)   capital
3. (=essential)   capital,   primordial
·of capital importance
·de capital importancia
4. [letter]   mayúsculo
·capital Q
Q (f) mayúscula
·he'noun Conservative with a capital C
·es conservador con mayúscula
(=splendid)   magnífico,   estupendo
·¡magnífico!,   ¡estupendo!
B. -noun
1. also capital letter   mayúscula (f)
(large)   mayúsculas feminine plural,   versales feminine plural   (small)   versalitas feminine plural
·please write in capitals
·escribir en letras de imprenta
2. also capital city   capital (f)
3. (finance)   capital (m)
·to make capital out of something
(figurative)   sacar provecho de algo
4. (architecture)   capitel (m)
C. -compound
·capital account   -noun   cuenta (f) de capital
·capital allowance   -noun   desgravaciónoun (f) sobre bienes de capital
·capital assets   -noun plural   activo masculine singular fijo
·capital expenditure   -noun   inversiónoun (f) de capital
·capital gain(noun)   -noun(plural)   plusvalía (f)
·capital gains tax   -noun   impuesto (m) sobre las plusvalías
·capital goods   -noun plural   bienes masculine plural de equipo
·capital growth   -noun   aumento (m) del capital
·capital investment   -noun   inversiónoun (f) de capital
·capital levy   -noun   impuesto (m) sobre el capital
·capital offence
·capital offense
(United States)   -noun   delito (m) capital
·capital outlay   -noun   desembolso (m) de capital
·capital punishment   -noun   pena (f) de muerte
·capital reserves   -noun plural   reservas feminine plural de capital
·capital sentence   -noun   condena (f) a la pena de muerte
·capital ship   -noun   acorazado (m)
·capital spending   -noun   capital (m) adquisitivo
·capital stock   -noun
(=capital)   capital (m) social or comercial
(=shares)   acciones feminine plural de capital
·capital sum   -noun   capital (m)
·capital transfer tax   -noun
(British, Great Britain)   impuesto (m) sobre plusvalía de cesiónoun
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged and Audio Headword Pronunciation (Spanish) 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. 1971,1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992,1993,1996,1997,2000,2003,2005.
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