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can / poder
can   1   [kæn]   -modal auxiliary verb
can't   negative
could   condit, past tense
1. (=be able to)   poder
·he can do it if he tries hard
·puede hacerlo si se esfuerza
·I can't or cannot go any further
·no puedo seguir
a. I'll tell you [all] I can =   te diré todo lo que pueda
·he will do all he can to help you
·hará lo posible por ayudarte
b. you can [but] ask =   con preguntar no se pierde nada
c. they couldn't [help] it =   ellos no tienen la culpa
d. "have another helping" -- "I [really] couldn't" =   --¿otra raciónoun? --no puedo
2. (=know how to)   saber
·he can't swim
·no sabe nadar
·can you speak Italian?
·¿sabes (hablar) italiano?
3. (=may)   poder
·can I use your telephone?
·¿puedo usar su teléfono?
·can I have your name?
·¿me dice su nombre?
·could I have a word with you?
·¿podría hablar contigo un momento?
·can't I come too?
·¿puedo ir tambiénoun?
4. (with verbs of perception: not translated)
·I can hear it
·lo oigo
·I couldn't see it anywhere
·no lo veía en ninguna parte
·I can't understand why
·no comprendo por qué
5. (expressing disbelief, puzzlement)
·that cannot be!
·¡eso no puede ser!,   ¡es imposible!
·he can't have said that
·no puede haber dicho eso
·they can't have left already!
·¡no es posible que ya se han ido!
a. [how] could you lie to me! =   ¿cómo pudiste mentirme?
·how can you say that?
·¿cómo te atreves a decir eso?
b. you can't be [serious!] =   ¿lo dices en serio?
c. it can't be [true!] =   ¡no puede ser!
d. [what] can he want? =   ¿qué querrá?
e. [where] on earth can she be? =   ¿dónde demonios puede estar?
6. (expressing possibility, suggestion etcetera)
·he could be in the library
·puede que esté en la biblioteca
·you could try telephoning his office
·¿por qué no le llamas a su despacho?
·they could have forgotten
·puede (ser) que se hayan olvidado
·you could have told me!
·¡podías habérmelo dicho!
·it could have been a wolf
·podía ser un lobo
·I reckon you could have got a job last year
·creo que podías obtener un trabajo el año pasado
7. (=want to)
a. I'masculine so happy I could [cry] =   soy tan feliz que me dan ganas de llorar or que me voy a echar a llorar
·I could have cried
·me daban ganas de llorar
b. I could [scream!] =   ¡es para volverse loco!
8. (=be occasionally capable of)
·she can be very annoying
·a veces te pone negro
·it can get very cold here
·aquí puede llegar a hacer mucho frío
9. (in comparisons)
·I'masculine doing it as well as I can
·lo hago lo mejor que puedo
·as cheap as can be
·lo masculineánoun barato posible
·as big as big can be
·lo masculineánoun grande posible
·she was as happy as could be
·estaba de lo masculineánoun feliz
10. ·could do with: I could do with a drink
·¡qué bien me vendría una copa!
·we could do with a bigger house
·nos convendría una casa masculineánoun grande
can / bote
can   2   [kæn]
A. -noun
1. (=container)   (for foodstuffs)   bote (m),   lata (f)   (for oil, water etcetera)   bidónoun (m)
·a can of beer
·una lata de cerveza
a. a can of worms   *   un asunto peliagudo
·to open a can of worms
*   abrir la caja de Pandora
b. (to be left) to carry the can
(British, Great Britain)   *   pagar el pato
2. (especially United States)
(=garbage can)   cubo (m) or Latin America bote (m) or tarro (m) de la basura
3. (cinema)
a. [of film]   lata (f)
b. it'noun in the can   *   está en el bote *
4. (United States)   **
(=prison)   chirona (m) / chirona feminine (f)
5. (United States)   **
(=toilet)   wáter (m)
6. (United States)   **
(=buttocks)   culo ** (m)
B. -transitive verb
1. [+food]   enlatar,   envasar
a. can it!
(United States)   **   ¡cállate!
2. (United States)   *
[+employee]   despedir
C. -compound
·can opener   -noun   abrelatas masculine invariable
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged and Audio Headword Pronunciation (Spanish) 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. 1971,1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992,1993,1996,1997,2000,2003,2005.
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